About Us

Shoot First is run by Ric Scott, a graphic designer living in Cumbria, England.

Despite having a love for Subbuteo as a child, as Ric grew-up his poor figures gathered dust, never to be flicked again. It wasn't until March 2009 that he decided to get back into Subbuteo, but this time it'd be painting rather than playing.

Ric's brother-in-law is a Subbuteo collector and when he informed Ric that you could buy blank team sets, he bought 2 straight away. Originally he painted teams for himself as a hobby, but after selling some teams on eBay he realised that he could earn some money at the same time. Eventually this led him to create his own website, allowing customers to order their very own custom figures or teams. In 2013 he launched an online shop to sell pre-painted limited edition figures.

Over the years the hobby has become more serious for Ric as he started working on more projects for companies. In 2010 he worked on a job for sports media giants ESPN, creating 220 teams in a month for them to give out to promote their World Cup coverage. Since then he has worked on several other exciting projects, including doing sets for Agi & Sam, two talented young fashion designers who were launching a range in Topman. The figures were given out to media at the launch.

Ric has many regular customers who play competitive Subbuteo as well as individual customers buying figures as gifts for others. Ric has sent teams to America, Canada, Australia, Greece, Italy, Cyprus, France, Switzerland and beyond.