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Shoot First is run by Ric Scott, a graphic designer living in Cumbria, England.

Despite having a love for Subbuteo as a child, as Ric grew-up his poor figures gathered dust, never to be flicked again. It wasn't until March 2009 that he decided to get back into Subbuteo, but this time it'd be painting rather than playing.

Ric's brother-in-law is a Subbuteo collector and when he informed Ric that you could buy blank team sets, he bought 2 straight away. Originally he painted teams for himself as a hobby, but after selling some teams on eBay he realised that he could earn some money at the same time. Eventually this led him to create his own website, allowing customers to order their very own custom figures or teams. In 2013 he launched an online shop to sell pre-painted limited edition figures.

Over the years the hobby has become more serious for Ric as he started working on more projects for companies. In 2010 he worked on a job for sports media giants ESPN, creating 220 teams in a month for them to give out to promote their World Cup coverage. Since then he has worked on several other exciting projects, including doing sets for Agi & Sam, two talented young fashion designers who were launching a range in Topman. The figures were given out to media at the launch.

Ric has many regular customers who play competitive Subbuteo as well as individual customers buying figures as gifts for others. Ric has sent teams to America, Canada, Australia, Greece, Italy, Cyprus, France, Switzerland and beyond.


Ric uses premium quality ultra fine brushes to ensure the highest detail is applied to the figures. The figures are painted using an acrylic based matte finish. Boxes are printed on high quality 250-300gsm card.

We use SuperFooty players and bases.

Click the link above to visit their site which includes blank figures as well as pitches, balls and much more!


The Agi & Sam for Topman collection was built around the concept of owls
and football and we wanted to send something to press that would both
reflect the idea at the centre of the collection and the designers quirky,
off beat sense of humour they are known for. We were trawling the internet
and came across Shoot First Media and once we saw what could be done we knew they would be the perfect press gift. Once we placed the order for 100
figures they were back with us within 2 weeks and upon opening them couldn't
believe the quality and detail of each individual figure. The feedback we
had from press was amazing and generated some really good social media with the figures being at the centre of it. I can't recommend the company highly
enough in terms of service, execution and delivery and wouldn't hesitate in
using them again."


If you are from the privileged generation that look back on their youth and
remember a dining-table constantly draped in coarse green cloth, then could be the realisation of your

For all the joy Subbuteo provides, it has always been a disappointment, not
to mention a nightmare for the amateur commentator inside us all, that teams
are made up of 10 featureless clones and a goalkeeper.

Historically the antidote was to spend as much time painstakingly adorning
each Gareth Barry lookalike with a miniscule numbered decal, as we would
spend actually playing the game!

Well, I'm glad to declare those days behind us... Shootfirst Subbuteo, can
personalise each individual figure with the kit of your choice, a squad
number, customised hair style, coloured boots and much much more.

Rob Cowsill, England

We purchased three orders from ShootFirst and I'm happy to say we we're very
pleased with all three. The level of detail on each hand painted player was
phenomenal and the turnaround time remarkable.

Ric's proactive assistance and suggestions made the entire process very easy
and I would have no problem in recom-mending ShootFirst to others.
1000 Heads

Big hint for any non-football fans who happen to be reading this – getting
your loved one immortalised as a Subbuteo figurine would be a flicking great

The Three O'Clock at Kempton

"Ric has painted for me single figures for both the home and away colours of
all the teams for the 2010 World Cup and the 2012 Euro. His work is of the
highest standard with a lot of accurate detail shown on the figures. I will
definitely use his services again and I am planning to put a similar order
in time for the coming 2014 World Cup."

Christakis, Cyprus

Subbuteo teams are realized with very fine painting and awesome details,
exactly as I wanted ! Top relationship and great delivery service. Ask for
the painted team you're dreamin of – Shootfirst make it real with high

Roger, Switzerland

Ric has a talent for recreating football strips on one-inch high figures! I
do hope he continues the great work until his eyesight goes: Have ordered 3
team sets in the past 2 years and they are great! Merci!

Pierre, Montreal

I resumed playing subbuteo three years ago, and when my club started a league shortly afterwards I wanted to use a customised team. After a lot of online research I concluded that Ric was the only person capable of producing precisely what I wanted right down to the colour of the strings on the players shorts. I was so pleased with the team Ric produced that shortly afterwards I designed and ordered a second team to use in "away" fixtures. I went on to do the same thing in each of our league's subsequent two seasons so now I have half a dozen of Ric's teams, all different, all superbly painted and intricately detailed, and all unique. Over the years i've bought the odd team from other painters but I'll keep coming back to Ric for the simple reason that his teams are far and away the best.

John, England